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AAKASH AGRI SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is the coordinating organization of Expertise Centers for the development of businesses and individual professionals. Knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurship are gathered here and shared according to a unique didactic concept: learning by doing.


The candidate needs to be registered with the courses based on their educational qualifications, interests, and aptitudes can be further trained accordingly: either, leading to self-employment, or working as extension workers & support workers for agriculture. The agriculture courses should be designed essentially in the ITI module by incorporating a blend of theoretical & practical exposure to trainees.

The courses conducted contain much of practical exposure, internships on-farm training, etc.

An Agricultural Knowledge and Information System for Rural Development, link people and institutions to promote mutual learning and to generate share and utilize agriculture-related technology, knowledge, and information. The system integrates farmers, agricultural educators, researchers, and extensionists to harness knowledge and information from various sources for better farming and improved livelihoods. This integration is suggested by the “knowledge triangle” displayed below.

Agricultural Knowledge and Information System for Rural Development

Rural people, especially farmers, are at the heart of the knowledge triangle. Education, research and extension are services – public or private – designed to respond to farmers’ needs for knowledge with which to improve their productivity, incomes, and welfare and to help them to manage the natural resources on which they depend, in a sustainable way.

Shared responsiveness to rural people and an orientation towards their goals ensures synergies in the activities of agricultural educators, researchers, and extensionists. Farmers and other rural people are partners within the knowledge system, not simply recipients.