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“Arranging post-harvest infrastructure in agriculture sector was expected to resolve a major set of challenges”

We strongly believe that by building an institutional frame work for a more structured approach to the knowledge and training needs of the farming community is a sin-quo-non for the overall growth and development of the country.

“Technology has been a strong enabler in almost every sector including the agriculture sector”

While technology is a strong enabler, we are still not seeing a strong impact or uptake of technology in the farm sector. While the marginal farmer has been extremely distant to technology usage even the small farmers are not able to benefit from the increased network connectivity and drop in equipment cost.

“Many hopes are pinned on the neo-entrepreneurship model in the agriculture sector”

The viability model of Agriculture in our country can emerge by connecting it to Food Processing/ Value Addition etc. & also by spreading a large network of food processing micro enterprises in our villages.

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